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Meet the Cats


Toast is very mischievous! If there is ever any trouble to get into he is right in the middle of it! He is a big softie too and loves his cuddles - he is very much a ladies man! Please do keep an eye on your bags as he loves to climb inside and fall asleep!


Cherri is our little princess. She is the most shy but when she decides she likes you she is extremely affectionate and gentle.  She likes to climb up and sit onSam or Lucy’s shoulder like a parrot! When she is upstairs please ensure to be particularly calm and gentle and treat her like royalty!


Marmalade is our handsome ginger boy.  He does tend to be a little bit of a food thief so please make sure you don’t leave any food unattended, if he does try to steal anything please let a member of staff assist you and do not try to pick him up yourself.  He is very affectionate also so will probably curl up to sleep on your lap!


Gin is our gorgeous tabby boy.  He is playful and always running around! When his batteries run out you will most likely find him asleep on one of the cat trees! His favourite toy is the fishing rod and he loves playing with Toodle and Pip!


Tonic is a very pretty tabby girl.  She is slightly more silver in colour than her brother and she has the prettiest little face.  She knows how stunning she is and uses her beauty to get exactly what she wants! She is a little shyer than her brother and prefers to watch everyone from the comfort of one of the cat trees.


Toodle has a white chin, other than that he is identical to his brother! He is very affectionate and loves his chin being tickled while he purrs very loudly! You can usually find him in the basket at the till guarding the crisps and watching people come in and out!


Pip has a black chin, other than that he is identical to his brother! He is also very affectionate and loves his ears being tickled while he purrs just as loud as his brother! Again, he likes to sleep in the basket if Toodle lets him!


Audrey is our tom boy tortoishell! Named after Audrey Hepburn she is not the classy lady we named her after! She loves nothing more than rough and tumble with the others chasing balls and fluffy toys around the room! The little time she does rest you can usually find her on one of the window beds watching the world goby!


Chloe is our eldest and is one classy lady! She rarely plays with toys but when she does she is funny! She has a little pounce and a wiggle of her bum and then she decides she is far too classy for those shenanigans and goes to sleep on one of the cat trees or her favourite stripy sofa by the window.  She loves nothing more than a head rub and if you are lucky she will give you little kisses!


Although Dita is our smallest (for now!) she is by no means at the bottom of the hierarchy! In fact, we don’t think she knows just how little she is! She is queen bee at the café and what she says goes! Named after Dita Von Tease the burlesque dancer she is sassy, cute and feisty!


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